Steve Green - My Soul Found Rest lyrics

It was the mercy of our God where all my hopes began.
When through the water and the blood, he washed my soul from sin.
For it was not my righteousness that my own hands had done, but I was saved by sovereign grace, the bonding through his son.
It was the Holy love of God that took my penalty. The judge and savior gave himself for my iniquity. Then, from the fountain of his grace I felt forgiveness flow to wash away the deepest sins my heart had ever known.
In the cross my soul found rest by Christ's wondrous sacrifice. For justice met with mercy then, and God was satisfied and there my soul found rest. (My soul found rest, my soul found rest.)
For justice met with mercy hen. Pure white mingled with red as my Lord bled, and there my soul found rest. My soul found rest my soul found rest.