Steve Camp - Wonderful Counselor lyrics

Oh the depth of the riches of God
How awesome are His ways
His holiness is high
Yet we know Him by His grace

There is no higher power
No greater wisdom and righteousness
So let His people rejoice
Seek the Lord and find your rest

He will keep His eye on you
He will lead and guide you
His word will be a light to you
For He's a Wonderful Counselor
He will never leave or forsake you
He understands what you go through
He will forgive and restore you
For He's a Wonderful Counselor

Blessed is he who does not walk
In the counsel of ungodly men
Not trusting in the ways of this world
For his counsel is from heaven

But his delight is in the Lord, He will seek Him night and day
For God will make the righteous shine
And will direct the steps they take