Sternenstaub - The Mind's Eye lyrics

There is something deep inside me
That I don't dare to control, a mystique moulding of my soul
Caught within sensoric twilight
All I see is deja-vu, unknown chaos yet nothing new

"Between the worlds you are wandering
Your powers are still too weak to let you distinguish
But if you seek for the answer in the outside world
You will never unveil the secrets of your mind's eye"

I know the key to time is in my mind
Time is the ground of reason
Supreme enlightenment will lay in my hand
If I can only find myself

Lord of a thousand nightmares, longing for my sanity
Why should I trust in your voice, vanish away and set me free
"I am the voice you want to hear, just as demonic as you are
I am the core you can't deny, so face the truth, it's a healing jar"