Steriogram - Talk About It lyrics

The clock don't stop
and the monkey sits on my back
never know when it will attack
will i pull through or will i fall
i try to stand tall humility hits the floor
is this to much for me to absorb or can i take just a little more
Nobody knows, nobody cares
Vanity grows when love disappears
And then you wanted to talk about it
i think you wanted to see what i would say
i said I'm happy to live with out it for a couple of days.
rightly so do i have my self to blame

decisions of the past have they come back at last
and the booze don't help it encourages what i felt, memories of the past
lets see if i can add to what I've lost
Don't go to sleep I've got a whole lot to say
I've got to figure this out
I've got to get me away so i don't live in the dark,
leave the wrong mark
give me a ride I'm going back to the start.
we're living in a world thats turning slow
a town with too many roads
we're living around.