Stephen Simmons - Go Easy On Me lyrics

Take this sun from my eyes
It's beautiful but it can't hide
Just because it blinds me till I can't see
Don't mean I can't see what's wrong with me

And take this pen from my hand
I wrote it all down but don't understand
So words are easy for me is that a sin
As easy as spilled ink on the paper thin

So go easy on me this time
Go easy cause I'm trying
Can't make up for the last time
Couldn't fix it if I tried
So go easy on me this time
Let me be satisfied

She was just a girl nuthin' more nuthin' less
And with this boy somehow half-impressed
I took it on a hunch that she'd be mine
We took it all the way now I'm still trying


She won't go easy from my mind
I've run so long I hope it's time