Stephen Kellogg - Song For Sarah lyrics

All I can say is I'm sorry, I'm sorry is all I can say
I've got a feeling you're overreacting, if that's the case babe it's ok
Some people learn how to smile when they're young, some people fail at the
My penance is real and if I thought you the latter, then I really would
Never have asked

But you, you shoot straight
And I know that you're mad
Cause you told me when you walked off stage
I know I'm not that great, but I'm not that bad

What can you say when you've said "I screwed up", and it seems like the
Littlest deal?
It's all a bit bigger when you see it close up and when you're not there
It's tougher to feel
I guess I'm not kind to the littlest people but I know how it feels to be
They talk behind backs and the things that they say, the ones you don't hear
You still feel them all

I'm not that bad