Stefan Eicher - Come On Home lyrics

Come on home
Come on home
You're too long gone
Please come home

Seems like a lifetime
Since you walked out that door
It's only perfume
Who stayed a little more

Do I remember
The color of your eyes
Is it green or grey
Grey or blue- what did we do

Come on home
You're too long gone
'll sink like a stone
If you don't come home

It was a quiet word
It sounded like breaking
Sounded like my little world
Like the end of it

I'm dancing with a shadow
Hanging in the air
Like some forgotten arrow
I'm flying nowhere

Nobody slams doors
Like you do
And nobody loves like you
When you do

Come on home...

Come up the stairs
Take out your key
Open that door
And lay between the sheets and me

Come on home...

I stare at the phone
Waiting for the tone
If you ever were alone
Come on
Sing along