Stefan Andersson - Bad Water lyrics

I know you're out there
Working for the chanse
To get a hold of me
With your winter touch

But I know what to do
When you run me through
I'm gonna sit right down
And wait out your sting

Can you tell me what it is
In this glass I'm drinking from?
How can you tell what it is
If wine is the only thing you've had

This is bad, bad water

Yeah, I can sense you know
Icing up my cares
And I can feel your touch
Running through my hair

Yeah, I know what you are
Cause you've been here before
And I know your desires
I'm not afraid no more

Today I'm glad
So glad that you're here
Cause I know that tomorrow
When you fade away
Then I'll be smiling
At every little thing I see
At the things I just couldn't see
The day before yesterday