Stealing Jane - Take It Easy lyrics

Lost in her mind, are the answers to the questions
She searched all day to find, and she thinks,
When hes gone I feel him, but I dont think I need him

She said Its time, to slow it down,
To take it easy, to show you around.
She said her hearts an open wound right now,
It just takes time to come back around.
And I dont want you to think that there was anything false between us,
Cause you know that every word I said I meant with all my heart.
And you know that every moment that was shared between us,
Meant the world to me. It meant the world to me.

He sees to her mind, when he looks in her eyes,
And knows the confusion thats tangled up inside.
And he feels so helpless, cause theres nothing he can do.

-CHORUS- (x2)