Steady Mobb'n - Strong Heart lyrics

WESTSIDE up in this muthafucka
(it's an muthafuckin terrorist act)
Puttin it down for the '97
Steady Mobb'n
Westbound (M.O.B.)
You gotta have big balls in this muthafucka
You know
Huh, now, fuck with that
Nut'n but straight killers, dope dealers
Real niggas

[Verse 1]
You gotta have nuts for sho'
It's horror on the strip that'll come from the O.
I can flow and stand strapped, dog tops
Livin in the ghetto, it's hard tops
I know a couple of brother's doin hard times
But I stay representin
Picture all the weights I'm liftin
Claimin Ghost town and San Quentin
We had the whole pen locked down
Sayin that they had some problems
With the westbound
Then I called 'Cash' and 'J'
I been released, come get me at the gate
So I can hit the streets and maintain
My composure as a villain
Connected with some serious killers
I beat the case, reload the fill in
It's like the O.J. trap
Niggas from the west is wild
I heard a *POW* then I ducked down
And grab my strap, cause nowhere I met a young nigga
Can put you on your back
Where your heart at

You gotta have a strong heart
To live in Oakland
You gotta have boss game
To maintain in Oakland
You gotta have big guns son
To live in Oakland
You gotta have a lotta cash
To smash in Oakland

[Verse 2]
Shady dips, sellin thangs off cake meal
Paid cops, mobs on every block
Big twisted, snitches comin up unlisted
Drug wars boss, so watch your doors
It's gettin scandalous
Bitches dirty, watch the set
Manipulation, killers participatin
Real villains, extortion and racketeering
Kidnappin, everybody out jackin
Roll your credits, gots 'em down like gun lead
Paid hits on niggas that bubble quick
Hog (?), dark tape surround his eyes
Last words that he heard was westside (westsiiide)
Pre-meditated drama, block monster
Too much heat, Mr.Sosa, M.O.B.
Open your eyes, you can't see me like Steve
Bombshell the G, nuthin but riders ride with me


[Verse 3]
Thru the scope I can see the bitch in your eyes
If he's a coward then he dies
To let a real nigga rise
Mob tactics, raw ghetto smash
Affilitation is in the air
So I'm blastin, releasin
Enough heat to match you down to your feet
Vietnam shit in the streets
Beware of your worst nightmare
Please don't park there
Where I'm from we don't play fair

[Verse 4]
We live faster than a 3 minute robbery
Can name hella of a bosses in this game
That wanna stop the siege
Because we're colder than the icelands
And we bury 'em quick
And take no shit from no man
Hit the block
Hangin out the door and chop
Chanel shops, this steady mobbin don't stop
Power moves run fools
Around they trunks, dumpin phat
Showin fools where my heart at


[Outro: x4]
La la la la la
La la la la