!!! - Steady As The Sidewalk Cracks lyrics

I've heard them say it all before
It'll never be like that no more
But it seems to me, if you look at history
They've been saying that since we crawled to shore
It's been a long time since they first said it
Who could've known then where we were headed
On a road so long
And looking back now you can see the road
But looking ahead who can say what we'll find
Who can say what we'll find
Who can say...

Steady as the sidewalk cracks
And let the grass grow through it
But don't you ever look back
You've got to trust the music

When I was young they called it garbage
Now suddenly it's golden age
But it seems to me, it's the same as it used to be
The only thing that changed is we turned the page
Well that bodes well for today's alleged
Tragedy's they say the kids'll forget when it's gone
You're too old, you shouldn't get it
The kids love it they now admit it
That the beat goes on