Steadfast - Hype lyrics

It's the latest thing and everyone's got it
I've just got to have it, too
Label and letters, can't you see the colours?
It's the name brand -- it's cool!

Everybody's got to have
What everybody else has got
'Cause everybody's cooler than me.

The swoosh, the stripes, it's all a trademark
Of their own corporate schemes
Brainwash and broadcast, conform or be an outcast
Goodbye individuality

The media all raves about a brand new product
That will rearrange society
Bigger and better, faster, more efficient,
Bing! Bang! Zoom! Chipee!

All the hype has made a sociological paranoia
And that just can't be good
It's not about hype, it's about making your own choices . . .
That's the most important thing