Stay Gold - Best Kept Secret lyrics

There is a box downstairs it's been there for years, all it brings is shame, and all it makes is tears. Nails that I pound chains I wrap around, to keep it quiet, to keep it tight, to keep it down and out of sight. Those who fucking knew they end up just like you, after all these years this cleaver can cut right through. I had a family, no, I don't lie they weren't too partial to the screams in the middle of the night. The little ones would say where did daddy go, I'd like to tell you son, but there are some things you shouldn't know. Head downstairs with one thing more than a flashlight for my guide. It's time for you to shut your fucking mouth and die. Where does the truth go when you buried it under the floor it doesn't go anywhere. It's still right there underneath rusty tools and faded scraps of old memories. You can still hear it scream, "let me out, let me out." Sleep is something you will miss, it's quiet now and that can't be good so I open the basement door to find nothing more but broken nails and busted wood. So it comes up from behind this is its chance to take my life, so I put the barrel in my own mouth pull the trigger take myself out