Stay Gold - Another Time Another Place lyrics

Can't imagine the things i see in the light of maturity. now it's time to cut these strings. a heart that knows a razor's edge more than your embrace. another time, another place, right? can i save face? can i pick it up and start from square one? will i just keep on falling? be labeled a fool. cause i wanted it so bad, for the way i felt about you. now that you're on your feet, no need for me. no need for this crutch, just throw us away. and it's alright. i didn't care too much, just with all my heart. what would you care about the promises i made to you? all yours are broken, shattered and blown away, and now it's too late to take back what every tear has said. and i lock my heart away, save it for another day. but i know it may never come. and it might be selfish to say, so many care about me. it's just hard when no one understands. just walk away with all you never did.