Stat Quo - Classic Shit (feat. Eminem) lyrics (Chinese translation). | [Eminem]
, Nowadays everybody just wanna poke there nose in our business
, what is this some kinda...
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Stat Quo - Classic Shit (feat. Eminem) (Chinese translation) lyrics

EN: [Eminem]
ZH: [阿姆]

EN: Nowadays everybody just wanna poke there nose in our business
ZH: 现在每个人都想要戳那里鼻子在我们的业务

EN: what is this some kinda joke
ZH: 这一些有点玩笑是什么

EN: everywhere I go all I’m hearing is more talk
ZH: 我走到哪我听到的就是多说话

EN: What’s up with Jada and Fat Joe?
ZH: 什么是 Jada 与胖子乔?

EN: Doin’ a song with ol’ boy on the song “New York”,
ZH: 在做与"纽约"这首歌的老男孩的歌

EN: man I thought you just did a song with them both?”
ZH: 男子刚还以为你做了一首歌和他们两个性吗?"

EN: man the streets wanna know how you gonna go and diss Michael
ZH: 男子街头想要知道如何你是要去和迪斯迈克尔 ·

EN: you should get your ghetto pass revoked
ZH: 你应该撤销您犹太区通行证

EN: I never had no ghetto pass you asshole
ZH: 我从来没有犹太区传递你混蛋

EN: you really wanna know when I did live in the ghetto
ZH: 你真的想知道我做了住在贫民区的时候

EN: I kept a trespassing charge up at the railroad tracks
ZH: 我保持主动变更收费在铁轨

EN: so I suggest you get your facts straight before you go
ZH: 所以我建议你先了解事实你走之前

EN: this assuming u know
ZH: 这假设您知道

EN: I aint grow up in no trailer park just cause I was poor
ZH: 我不是长大了没有拖车公园正义事业我是穷人

EN: man this is my testimony to those that don’t know
ZH: 这是我对那些不知道的证词的人

EN: man it felt like they do
ZH: 我感觉他们做的男人

EN: if not to feel compelled to go and speak on me too.
ZH: 如果不能感到不得不走,也对我说。

EN: So this d-ck goes to you and this d-ck goes to you
ZH: 所以这 d-ck 归你和这个 d-ck 归你

EN: and if you feel like you want it you can get it too
ZH: 如果你觉得你想要你可以太

EN: and when your through pass it to the person next to you
ZH: 当您通过将它传递给你的人

EN: hey yo Stat get on the Mic and come and spit a few
ZH: 嘿哟 Stat 的 Mic 和来获取和吐几

EN: [Stat Quo]
ZH: [Stat 现状]

EN: Muthaf-ckers so quick to spit bullsh-t
ZH: 世上 ckers 这么快就吐 bullsh-t

EN: Stat Quo who’s this
ZH: 这是的 stat 现状

EN: Em gave me the assist shorty got a full (?)
ZH: Em 给我协助矮子有一个完整 (?)

EN: standing in the pulpit, A – Town misfit
ZH: 站在讲台上,A — — 镇错位

EN: reppin dat south sh-t
ZH: reppin dat 南 sh-t

EN: back for (?)
ZH: 回为 (?)

EN: (???)
ZH: (???)

EN: Losing patience wanna get on chasing for this
ZH: 失去了耐心要不要上追为此

EN: taking all my energy
ZH: 以我所有的能量

EN: tired of waiting people faking fronting like they kin to me
ZH: 厌倦了等待的人假装对开喜欢他们亲属给我

EN: when they really enemies
ZH: 当他们真的敌人

EN: give a f-ck what it is cause
ZH: 给 f ck 它导致

EN: this what it gonna be,
ZH: 这什么它将会

EN: shady aftermath lately
ZH: 阴暗之后最近

EN: GMN baby
ZH: 环球音乐网络宝宝

EN: young n-gga out them projects (?)
ZH: 年轻 n gga 出他们项目 (?)

EN: hospital freda’s only baby
ZH: 医院福瑞达唯一的孩子

EN: n-ggas biting my style get rabies
ZH: n-藤黄总酸咬我的风格得狂犬病

EN: f-ck you pay me
ZH: f-ck 你付我钱

EN: eat a cock swallow sh-t
ZH: 吃公鸡燕子 sh-t

EN: and plus you aint f-cking with this
ZH: 与加华你冒失 f 君与此

EN: so don’t trip ha ha (?)
ZH: 所以不旅行公顷公顷 (?)

EN: what an incredible twist
ZH: 什么令人难以置信的麻花

EN: i write incredible script
ZH: 我写令人难以置信的脚本

EN: that fit in with the plot it’s endless
ZH: 那些属于情节的是无限的

EN: now testify to this
ZH: 现在证明了这

EN: let it bang when you hear, this is classic sh-t
ZH: 让它爆炸时你听到,这是经典 sh t

EN: [End]
ZH: [完]