Stash - Strip Me Bare (2015)

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Stash - Strip Me Bare lyrics

When you lay eyes on me tell me what you see
Is that really what's inside
All these notions they keep spinning around me
There's no escaping if i tried

Strip me down ya i don't care
Take it all bitch i'm still here
Go ahead do what you want
Ain't nothin gonna stop this quest i'm on
You can't break my self respect
Can't change the heart thats in my chest
Imma keep going never gonna stop
No matter what i'ma be on top

Take whateva you want from me
I'm a fighta i'll come back swinging
Take whatever you want from me
I don care
You can strip me bare

[Verse 2]
Deep inside of me not many ever see
And i'll protect it till i die
But if you prove that you can love me tenderly
I'll show you where my secrets lie

[Rap 2]
Laying naked, on the floor
Its just me striped to the core
Its all good i know who i am
Whatever you think i don't give a damn
Cant take my soul cant take my pride
Rise above enjoy the ride
Imma keep going never gonna stop
No matter what imma be on top

No i ain't backin down
Feet firmly on the ground
My message will resound
I cant stop i won't stop no
No hate i will survive
Stripped down still i'll thrive
For as long as i'm alive
You can strip me bare