Staring Back - Note To Self; Don't Feel Dead lyrics

Still feeling confusion, but I have decided
You're not good enough
You have expired I can see the tired in your eyes
So back up because you've failed to be
What you said to be
I don't need you (need to be)
Wasting all my time

I will be pacified no longer
The spark is gone from your eyes(was it ever there?)
I will be unified and stronger that you ever were
Private bell ringing to justify
You can hardly paint your picture as strong
You may not be a fool, just a phase
We disagree on too many things
Look me in the eye
You think you're in the right?

There's no slap on the wrist this time
You've faked it so long, but this time
I see your true colors
Halftones of gray and whites
Nothing too sublime
Alive and vibrant