Star Queen - Firewalker lyrics

Somewhere in a mountain oriental,
Where virgin places sacramental
Are forgotten worlds for you and me
We are looking for a fairy,
Speaking with colors of butterflies
And strange pictures of clouds in the sky.
If you find a magic flower -
Analyze its' mystic power.

Red hair as long as your dream -
Firewalker dances naked and sings
Barefoot in the glowing embers.
They are her jealous defenders.
Stretch your hand to touch her skin...
You can't reach her because of your sin.
If you're out of your body and fear,
You won't be burned, you'll be near
The truth and you'll see
Real unbelievable dreams.

Dancing firewalker lonely and wild...
Sleeping you hear her voice searching and mild
Sending to you an allusion,
She waits for hearts' fusion.
Ride your horse through distant lands
To hold firewalker in your brave hands.
When you open your eyes in the morning,
She's gonna warm you up with the dawning.