Standard Of Living - Top 5 lyrics

A cold November morning
Allows me to show some emotion
And those leaves, they grow ever so plentiful
Vivid colors, vivid dreams

This is the last time that I'm going to predict what's next

It all seemed so surreal
My dark jacket stands out against the grey backdrop
As those last goodbyes were said
The light shown down on you

Trying hard to keep the words from coming out
Making sure my voice didn't quiver, didn't crack
Teary eyed I stood as you walked away
You never looked back

I guess I'm sorry
But if you really wanted to mess me up
You would have gotten to me sooner

I'll take this harder than you will ever know
When you walked out the door and left me alone
This will be a night for the record books
With the keys that you leave, and the heart that you took