Stan Freberg - The Sale Of Manhattan: Top Hat, White Feather, And Tails lyrics

Real Estate Agent:
Put on your top hat
White feather and tails
Paint up your faces
You reds and you pales
Put on your beaded goods
We're gonna do the woods
Tap-dance up the hills and down the dales
Remember thumday
This all will be mirth (Yeth thur)
Right hear on Broadway
Corner fifty-firth (Yeth thur)
You'll be a vital part
Of all the terribly smart set
In your top hat, white feather, and tails
Dance up to your penthouse
And look at the view
Mix with the show folk
And Park Avenue (Yeth thur)
So gay and so aloof
Name-dropping on the rooftop
Drinking champagne by the pail
In your top hat, white feather, and tails