Stalins War - Last Words lyrics

Let me tell you a story about a breathless shot of pain,
Seeping in through glazed uncovered eyes,
Death seems so life-like in disguise;
But the dreams i have are never real,
Crushed by the weight of how i feel.
Through glass horizons i can see the shattering of all we used to be.
I look back to when we parted ways,
But still i dream of better days,
When vibrant hearts were so alive,
To hell and back but we'd survived.
Remember nights out on the streets;
No rest befell our tired feet.
Now on every point we seem to disagree,
This pain has killed a part of me.
I can't believe that every path left open leads to me,
When every bond i've broken strangles me,
And breathes life into words unspoken.
Tragedy seems so real to me.
I'm feeling wary from falling:
I've got to kill what you've become,
And see this separation as a blessing in disguise.
But for a moment i would see that these roots still cling to me;
And even if i could stop the pain,
I'd cry forever in your name.