Stalemate - 2am lyrics

Let me go i can't breathe long since done how much more proof do you need that your time has passed no one listening to the cries for release the begging and pleading for you to move on this mind will not cave in to your will suffocating a constant struggle to return to my life now remind me of what once was but it's not enough to carry on
"i've changed, things will be different this time you will see" empty promises remain unfulfilled why can't you see that you are draining the life from me constant struggle to live again i will try to breathe again but you will never understand when with you i can't evolve i've tried to make you understand that there is no longer a place in my life for you i'm grateful for all of the times we shared but there's no longer a place in my life for you
Let me go i can't breathe (i don't want you anymore)