Stairwell Suicide - Emotions By My Poem Of Love lyrics

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Of my faith
Desired ruin
Infinite night
Lay you down to sleep
I will watch
Your true life story
Get out
Emotional shock
Countless cries
My desire
Loss is of mine
I will never walk away from this
I will always be the same
I am amazed when you look into these eyes
Shivers run down my spine when your lips touch mine
I will always be here for you
Will i always be here for you?
Put me in a chain
Pull me by a leash
Attached onto you
Screaming without
Only if i could see through you
Take this back
Shattered dreams
Tortured life gone
You are mine now
Shattered dreams gone
Tortured lies now if i would give the new
What would you do
It isnt for you
I will give the world to you
Only if you would give it back?