Stackridge - Mr Mick's New Home lyrics

Now Mr Mick leant on his stick and thought a bit
It seems to me quite clear, that I could be of some use here
And furthermore it seems that here could be of use to me
You see?
And the whole dump cried, "We agree!"
Good, said Mr Mick, then here I'll stay
And every other Saturday will be a day to meet new faces
I'll make sure you all change places
Nothing like a swap around to stop the rot, that's what I've found
Holy underwear communions, Old bent spoons reaping reunions
Things like that I'll organise
An angling club for kipper ties
In fact I'll make sure that everything from a clapped out bell that cannot ring
To a stuffed canary that cannot sing
Each messed up bit of loopy string
Can say, I've got a friend

Then all the dump cried
You'll really shake us up a bit
Then here's HOORAY! for Mr Mick
And Mr Mick he blushed a bit
Said, how could I refuse a tip