St. Simon 3 - Stunt Double lyrics

You know you don't have to worry
When you get into trouble
You know you can always count on the one
That you call your stunt double

Your stunt double -- he looks just like you
But he does all of the things you're too shy to do
When you fall asleep
Your stunt double starts to creep
Where there used to be one of you, new there's two

And now you find you never have to be a jerk
Your stunt double's always there to do all of your dirty work
But when you wake up the next day
You can't recall what did he say
And it's always you that ends up getting hurt
And it's disturbing to your friends
'Cause they can't tell the difference
And they all want to know why
Your stunt double -- he don't wanna die

So can you tell me once again just what the use is
When you've only got a body that's been built for bruises
Things can look so mean
When you peer behind the scenes
And the script calls for all those brand new abuses