Ssd - Headed Straight lyrics

War Threat
This is your country
Be proud you were taught
Soldiers that died
All are forgotFight for some reason
You were not told
Die for some fuckers
Pot of gold
Who is the enemy
I'm supposed to get
Shooting at each other
Yet we never met
Religion teaches
Not to kills
But it causes death
At its will
Each seek power
Church and state
As bombs of destruction
Seal our fate
Powerless puppets
Mixed up in war
They pull the strings
We enforce their laws
I'm not afraid to die
For something I believe inHeaded Straight, Headed Straight
I know what I'm doing
Headed Straight, Headed Straigh
tMy sights are clear
Headed Straight, Headed Straight
My goals are there
Headed Straight, Headed Straight
Why do you live the way you do
Self-destructive, if you only knew
Everything you do, you don't give a damn
Your life is just full of scam