Spudgun - The Kids At My School Are Going To Riot lyrics

I cut my hair and dyed it blue, spiked it up with hairspray and glue, I'm wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday, there's going to be a riot at school today, I'm sitting in 2nd period writing this song, the teacher doesn't know what's going on, the kids aren't concentrating on geometry, they're too busy staring at me, they've stereotyped me and now they say that I'm fat, skinny, ugly, and gay, but I'm still going to be how I want anyway, even though there was a riot at school today, every week someone new wants to beat me up, I tell them I don't fight but they still act tough, the kids at my school are always on my case, but I don't care 'cause school sucks anyways! THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! because of what I wear, THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! but I don't care, THE KIDS ARE GOING TO RIOT! and act like fools, THERE'S GOING TO BE RIOT AT MY SCHOOL!, it's pretty much the same every day, I guess that just the price to pay, for me being how I want to be and not letting others influence me, I get laughed at 'cause of my chains, the kids at my school are such a pain, laugh at me 'cause of what I wear, but the truth is they really don't care, they just want to look cool in front of their friends, it's only cool to follow the trends, hey I don't care, I'll smile while they laugh, get in my way, I'll walk another path, while they have their fun, the principal won't say a thing, they won't even get the slightest bit of disciplining, the teachers all think I'm just a weird little kid, my parents beat me up, must be why I dressed like I did ...