Splitsville - I Concentrate On You lyrics

Words I write down in black and white
Still cannot describe what I feel
My mind's on fire locked in overdrive
And there's only you at the wheel

My love, like her green light
I concentrate on you
My love, like Jesus Christ
I concentrate on you

I was a child schooled of Indian tribes
Countless braves have died just to prove
They could survive painful manhood rites
But my will to live comes from you

My love, as darkness falls
I concentrate on you
My love, the senses dull
I concentrate on you, my

Try not to lose your focus
This is what I keep repeating
Watch me and the men that thought
Magic flows into delirium
Memories of you will need to fly
Remnants of you life just wash away
Reason is a voice that's never gone
Rip it off until it seems

Boom all right now we're back in flight
Caught without a kite or a clue
Like Orville Wright on his super-glide
I'm a cannonball and a fool for love

An empire's lost
I concentrate on you
My love, the TV's off
I concentrate on you

My love here in the dark
I feel my heart start beating at your pace
When we're apart I never stop believing