Spitvalves - No Fiction lyrics

ilay off the hassle
i'll woop your ass in scrabble
your tryin to flow the rhyme
but all you can do is babble
about what you want to do
let's talk about what you've done
it seems you've drawn a blank um

no fiction
no fiction for you
no fiction
we keep it true

ya see ya see
now hear the cb
the rhyme is true
to lie there is no need
honor graduee
chilled in d.c.
only true ecstacy
for me
now can u. c.
f. is where i use to take my tests
pops gave me the boot
s.s.d.d. more stress
not settlin for less
i know i'm not the best
but i'll stand my ground
when i'm put to the test

more and more
comin from the source
knowledge is the key
gauranteed to finish my report
need i say more
your whole selection is a bore
keep your mind open
and share what's in store
the game is over
now let's tally up the score