Spit Syndicate - Towards The Light lyrics

Uh, this is one step forward, towards the light,
away from that life that once seemed morbid.
Slave for that praise, the once seen 4-4,
brought forth the heat to lay, your dormant.
Talk with an avant-garde touch ya can't fathom.
But you can trust that we be back on par.
Hard work so the bat on past, down the mast,
too advanced for chance like Picasso n' Brar.

This is one step forward, uh, towards the light,
like nothin' before of yet authored.
Before the night, was the sun left slaughtered?
Unlock the door let 'em walk through, my,
my and my fortress, my unkept thoughts, once left me mortified.
But now I, I write scores to strike all walks of life,
to draw them all towards the light.

This is one step forward, towards the light,
like a, street beacon for the young and less fortunate.
Never been there myself, school dependent.
Still plenty of faith, I'm getting there myself.
But the, pressure seems to tear my self esteem,
it seems you really need to find a way to use it.
Up in the lost world, the microwave music
and hot girls with who I try to share myself.

This is one step forward, towards the light,
sought that type of respect that none yet have afforded.
But don't get it distorted like one more step forward,
won't get you drawn and quartered.
Could'a swore that you saw the light, success tryn'a get my bank balance
and right, I'm all for it.
But, more importantly let your mind go, uh, and just fall, towards the light.

Towards the light I walk right now, one step forward at a time.
Still tryn'a fight that battle, tryn'a channel a divine,
two voices so one mind needs[?], time. x4