Spiral Stairs - After Dinner Sinner lyrics

There's a sculpture with periscope eyes. He has nothing to fear, so he muses the sky, and the millions of particles that make up his face are nothing but blowing away. The sands of the beautiful burn; it takes millions of months but I swear we will learn. It takes time to get wise, but that's ok with me, as long as there's something that we want to be.

I'm an ink driven machine review. Ever unchanging and ever renewed, and if I had the choice I would open the safe so we all could know why we feel hate. So I hope you will let me throw blame, I mean there are many things which will drive me insane. And I know that I'm young, but ignore that for now; I'm happy but I'm never proud.

The world is just too much to take, the people I meet and the hands that I shake. And sometimes I wonder if I can relate to the millions who die everyday. My friends are all beautiful souls, and if it weren't for them I would lose all control. I'd just beat myself up for the entire year; but I won't just as long as they're here.

The soldiers and lovers unite. They're getting themselves ready for one hell of a fight. But by morning they'll all be laid on the ground. And silence will be the only sound. So I thank every martyr and king, for their glorious deaths and their beautiful rings, because they kill all the purpose of living in sin. So let's forgive all our brothers and kin.