Spilt Milk - Dead Homie lyrics

Will you toast your beers when I'm gone?
Pour one out for a homie lost?
Light one up and sing a song about your dawg?
Will you ease yourself into your chill?
Will you keep all the glasses filled?
Groovin out on this cloud I'm on,
Playing chess with the gods and dead rockstars!

Now I'm licking stamps from planet mars,
Sending postcards from beyond.
Making love to movie stars on the moon,
It's lunar twister in the nude.
Ohh yeah!

Bongo circles at the rally round the sun.
Bikini polo in the punch bowl in the sky.
Meditation on a molecule and the why.
Surfin out on the cosmic winds.
Passin lefts with the man,
Sitting back in his easy chair,
With the wisdom pipe in his hand, oh yeah!

Say some words and party on,
I'm in silk pajamas at an open bar