Spice Gurl Rejects "The" - Ifs And Buts lyrics

If i was immortal,

I'd lose my mind

If i commited suicide would that be unkind?

If i won the lottery id go mad

If i died tomorrow would that be so bad?

If i wrote a book it would be fantasy

If i went to heaven you'd be in ecstacy

But im staying as i am

You havent got the better of me

I hate you for what you've done blaming it all on me


Inside your so confused

By the voices in your head

Contradicting your decision

You might aswell be dead

If i was to complain you wouldnt care

If i was to confess would anybody be there?

If i went insane would it be surprise?

If i was nice to you could i live with myself


You always think that your right

But your always wrong

You dont care about the world or what you've done