Spice - Fun (feat. Missy Elliott)

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Spice - Fun (feat. Missy Elliott) lyrics

Intro: (Spice)
Every man to an Appleton bottle
Ladies, unnu ready?
Bathsuit, beach towel dat pack,
hair done, nails did, dat lock,
unnu ready?
Gucci shades, cyaan lef mi beach wrap
A Spice pon di track wid Missy Elliott.

Verse One: (Spice)
Me and mi fren dem step out and cute,
An mi beach body ready fi mi bathing suit,
An inna mi bag yeah, it fulla loot,
Hennessy inna mi cup, red bull fi dilute.
Lets roll out di barbecue grill,
Me and friends and mi family a chill,
school give holiday so we deh home a buil',
me cup eva full, as it done it refill.
A holiday mi ready fi get wet, splash!

Every man a tek set,

man a race jet ski, have di girl dem a bet

Some a lick volleyball ova di net.

Chorus: (Missy)
Yeah we ready to have fun,
take a few shots, mi make dem get drunk.
Shots after shots, me take another one
Got mi hair and nails done.
Yeah me ready to have fun.
bend ova, bend ova, drop it to the ground.

bend ova bend ova, break it down down down.

they all come around when Spice comes out.

Verse two: (Missy)

Misdemeanour, my demeanour,

super duper fly.

haters get di middle fingers,

man don't try.

Summa time, hamma time,

do di delly whine.

guys who looking cute,

catch em real high

Gucci bag, off the tags

yeah I'm so fine.

Me and Spice rappin on the mic so nice,

bend ova, bend ova, my oh my,

don't it look good when yuh see it from behind.

Rept. Chorus (Missy)

Verse three: (Spice)

Party, party and mi cup fulla liqueur.

Drink and drink fi see who fine thicker.

If a yuh a drive, mek sure yuh sober.

Wonder if we have a winner, want it ova.

ATI cyaan miss me dis year,

me body in tack and I'm well prepared,

got ma nails done and I just did ma hair,

sexy like waah, have di boy dem a stare.

Rept. Chorus (Missy)

Verse four: (Missy)

Pull up, summa time here,

Take yuh shirt off, get naked.

Mr DJ when I play it,

hot chick call me Missy Elliott,

bang bang bang now see di way I switch

real tight jeans, make dem waan come get.

I'm the realness, some chicks cannot fit

I'm the realness, some chicks cannot fit.

Outro: (Spice)

Fun Fun Fun Fun


Fun Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun Fun

Fun Fun Fun Fun