Spice 1 - Pimp Pizzle lyrics

[Chorus 2x: Spice 1]
Thug Thizzle, Pimp pimp pizzle
She can't tell if it's my dick or my pistol

[Dru Down]
Thug thizzlin, Pimp pimp pizzlin
She love my style and my game's so sizzlin

[Verse 1: Spice 1]
I can turn from player to killer in about two s-s-seconds flat
Fetch yo hat for you nigga, Bring that motherfucker back
Picture that, Picture me rollin in a benz black
Picture me hittin corners and rollin the chronic sack
Picture me thug thizzlin, Nigga keep it bossy
Bossy shakin these haters, Keepin them off me
How many niggaz out here gon be catchin some slugs
Before somebody says don't fuck wit the thugs
My fo-five is chrome just like my shoes 22's
Track smith and wesson, Bossalini done paid his dues
I draw down if dru down draw down on a nigga
Do some thug shit wit these heaters until they fill us
Head, Shoulders, Knees, And toes
Mix with the pimpin thug thizzles
Have a dime piston on me like tatos
Reminiscing thug thizzle wit the pimp pizzle

Chorus 2x

[Verse 2: Dru Down]
I'm givin 'em what they want, Nigga straight pimpin
I'm livin up and down the track, I'm belvadere sippin
I'm movin slow wit the interior light on
I'm givin a show just to knock me one of these phat hoes
I'm rollin in style wit these big rims
The bitch may fold, Nigga where you been?
Boy I'm all in, I put the p up in pimpin
No simpin, I been doin this for a minute
I'm rippin and runnin, Yes, I'm automatically gunnin
I been like cash money millionaires straight stunnin
Pimpin is nothin, I gotta put one in my body that knocks hottie especially on a friday
It's my way or the highway
That's what me and chico tell a bitch that's ready to get her diss shit
Straight p-i-mp-i-ng in a G-6 wit me, See
I'm gifted, I speak these words so fluent
They'll make a bitch jump into it, It's nothin to it
Because I'm pimp pimp pizzlin
She love my style, My game because it's so damn sizzlin

Chorus 10x