SpiRitual - Pulse

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SpiRitual - Pulse lyrics


closed, our eyes
we don´t feel right from wrong
when it all explodes
breaking the calm day by day, piece by piece

falling from the edge of guts
and all fears become alive
see hearts, feel fire

goddess, guard our crossroads
we can´t take control
we can´t measure sane and insane
teach us how to be
how to adore
things we cannot touch
we need your pulse
make us pulse

bold insects in your head
eating up all clear ideas
a state of emptiness
instead of living out all these cold and tragic scenes
choose reason and prevail
choose power and repel
or life's torn apart

feel the pulse and wander
we are free to wish and dream
visions loose

why are you still praising snakes
sending shivers through your bones
see hearts, feel fire
scorching swoons, burning wounds

use guidance down the track
keep your soul alive and hale
to unload weight and pain
forge boldness in your head, in your veins
feel your pulse...