Spheric Universe Experience - Neptune's Revenge lyrics

Darkness on the sea - a cyclone on a ship
Damned navigators – this faith you won't keep ...
Terror in the sky - lightning strikes the men
Who challenge my traps, my force and my brain!

"The eye of the storm is my home
The shores of the stream are my bones"

Submerged by the waves - fallen into the abyss
My revenge is here and you can't escape it... (no escaping)

I am the sea
I have the power
I am the god
I'm your disaster

Fear! Pain! Harsh! Strain!

You can't see me
You have a master
You are alone
You taste my anger

Haze is dully lifting but it's almost the end
Of your mystical journey, now stare at my eyes
You can't control me – there is no compromise
The battle is over - got your ruins in my hands! (in my hands)