Spektralized - Stop And Rewind lyrics

People aggress me,with things that depress me,
Pleas show me something,that i haven`t sean in years.
Things thats fresh and clean,that I've never sean.
So i can spin around,and never have to tush the ground.

Stop and rewind,your a fortune in my mind.
So don't go wild,just come down it takes a wile.
Stop tel them why,is that anger all that counts.
in state of mind.Just come down, it takes a wile.

Nice things can blind you,and things that surounds you.
So spin your life on things that doesen`t take to much.
One thing of nothing,ore two things of something.
its all the same to me,cause deep inside it makes you free.

Its all the same to me ,cause deep inside it makes you free.