Sparrow House - You Sang Along lyrics

Remember how she held you when you couldn't make a sound?
Standing with your silhouettes together on the ground
She caught them with her camera just before you turned around
And in the safety of the fire with the weight of her guitar
She would play us our favorite songs
And you sang along
You always sang along
Looking at the photograph you wonder, is it real?
Could the shadow who had loved like that now feel the way you feel?
And though you may not want it, let's be honest
It's there still. for in the light, we've seen your face,
though you tried to keep it straight. don't be shy!
You have always ached so much for love... so much for love
And in the morning there was rain, it woke you pouring through the drain
Against your warmth she put her eye on you, and you felt it too
C'mon, you know it's true, you loved her too.