Sparlha Swa - Love Addiction lyrics

Era uma vez
Era uma vez
Era uma vez
Once upon a time…

Don't believe in fairytales of love forever
Even the stars that shine one day will fade like you and I
Cause your love is like sugar, its so hard to let it go
Fly so high fall so low, why can't I let you go?

It was your eyes that took me to the places in me
To my surprise where I thought that I just might be
Happy to have you with me
But this dream no longer reality

And I'm left lonely
With my love addiction

I found you and fell into my own illusion of love and love and love and kisses sweet
You were all my fantasies, denied the signs that told me otherwise
Oh cause I have been dreaming, good as fooling myself
Though my heart cried for peace, I just could not release my love addiction