Sparks - Irreplaceable lyrics

As you search secondhand
To replace what you lost
He's a nervous old man
And you ask "what's this cost"
Somehow it crashed to the floor
Where's the concern, he knows there's more

Somehow a note's on your door
You have been burned, there are no more
Irreplaceable, it's irreplaceable
As you search the cafes
To replace what is lost
All their eyes start to glaze
When you drone on your loss

Somehow you stumble and fall
Glass everywhere, everyone roars
Somehow a telephone call
You were a pair, not any more

Irreplaceable, it's irreplaceable, not interchangeable
They're designed to break, they're designed to break
They're designed to fail, they're designed to fail
They're designed to flake, they're designed to flake
They're designed to fail, they're designed to fail

Irreplaceable, it's irreplaceable

If you should stumble and fall
You may turn red, fire-engine red
One month from now you'll forget falling at all
But who's in your bed

Irreplaceable, it's irreplaceable