Sparks - Bergman Ponders Escape lyrics

[Ingmar Bergman]:
I’ve often portrayed nightmares in my films.
But this is a nightmare of a different sort.
I have to escape this nightmare. I must return to where I came from.
I’ve often portrayed hopelessness in my films. But this is a
hopelessness of a different sort. I must escape here and return home.
This Hollywood is not a place, it’s a sensibility, a sensibility at complete odds with my sensibility.
I’ve often portrayed loss of identity in my films, but I’ve never felt that loss of identity myself. I must escape.
They admire what I represent too much to cause me any bodily harm if I try to escape.
Still, I don’t even know what escape means when the place you
are escaping from is more of an idea than a physical location.
Escape is too logical of a concept.
Perhaps if I go downstairs without being seen and just continue walking,
escape may come as quickly as this form of imprisonment has come.