Spared No Expense - Justice Is Blind lyrics

I'm so sick of, all these people, so controlling all the time, don't tell me what I, can and can't do, you don't understand me and you're telling lies, it's thought provoking, what you tell me but if I cared, I guess I'd read your mind, I can't stand these, I am so pissed, I am so pissed, just try and read my mind

It's so constricting I think I'm losing my mind
I need this freedom, in this world I can't thrive
This diluted passion, is all that's sustaining me
Throwing off my mind's oppression in the land of the free

Darkness comes and, I guess its too late, yeah this shadow envelopes me
It seems so hard to, take my first step, will it be my last step I just can't see, these thoughts have clouded up my life so, so distorted and full of strife, I can't stand this, I am so pissed, try and read my mind