Spaceman Spiff - Dancing In The Mud lyrics

We watch way too many movies, but life is not a soap, predictable end
And everybody says "if you get lost in your own ways you still got everywhere to go"
I take a look around me, i keep watching the show
So i just wanna know, as everyone explodes, am i also gonna blow?
Till it will show
I know it's never easy, the mind is on your shelf
So all you have to do is making up the truth till you believe yourself
And wash it off your mind, friend, oh forgetting is all we got
Till it will guarantee that you keep staying clean while you're dancing in the mud
We're dancing in the mud
Cause life is dancing in the mud
It's all it is, all we do is dancing in the mud
So we dance until the sun sets, we dance until we break
And then we'll laugh ourselves to sleep, to stumble through our dreams until we cry ourselves awake
Getting bitter every take
Getting better every take