SpaceGhostPurrp - Been Fweago (2013)

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SpaceGhostPurrp - Been Fweago lyrics

My nigga straight up, rest in peace my nigga Jitt

[Verse 1]
Can't get a job, hustle for the money
You can't get bitches if you ain't got money
Now ain't that funny
Money is my God, I worship money
Money is my Lord, ain't life hard
When your ass broke
Can't get a job so you try to sell coke
Life ain't a joke, I know what it's about
You can't trap coke in the motherfuckin draught
Put your fingers up, scream fuck love
Cause love get you killed so you better use a glove
And when I say glove, I'm talking about that rubber
Check that bitch mouth, man, before that bitch suck you
And if that bitch fuck you, you tell the whole world
Run your mouth like a bitch and a lil ass girl
If that bitch fuck a lot that don’t make her a slut
If that bitch hate rubbers then that ho is a bust

See a nigga getting cake though
See a nigga been fweago
Ride with your boy, ride with your boy, ride
Ride with your boy, ride with your boy, ride

[Verse 2]
Bad yellow bone, kissing on a caramel
I'm sitting there watching while my dick hard as hell
Counting hella racks while these bitches get it in
Put the cash in the safe, fucked her and her friends
Doing hella sins you only live once
I wanna get your main bitch high with the blunts
Bummy ass nigga with a bad ass bitch
That shit don't mix so I took that bitch
Niggas wanna snitch cause they see me getting rich
Think a nigga selling coke but I'm steady making hits
So a nigga finna shit on you lace fresh tricks
Lace fronts in your hair, looking like a dead bitch
NASA Gang in the clique now Raiders in the game
Bitch we all want fame so we rep the same thing
Better rep yourself, better rep your own gang
No I ain't a hater but fuck Taylor Gang