South Park Mexican - Problemas lyrics

feat.) 24/7 Hustlers

Man so many problems baby.
We finna solve 'em cuzz.
24/7 Hustlers. You know what I'm sayin'?
Dope House Records puttin' it down baby, 2000.

[Verse 1:]
See I grew up in life analyzin' these stars
Wishin' that was me on TV pricin' them cars
But hell naw if you know me then you know I got scars
Situated within' pertainin' to the mind & spirit
Mental spiritual but one lyrical of the lyrical
Ability you feelin' me the shit is slowly killin' me
Don't need no bitch & fo' sho' fuck a friend
I'm solo 'til the end I know one I depend
I'm strugglin' for my ends I promise you I'm gon' win
Fuck the competition & fuck an Expedition
I need paper in my hands to stop me from wishin'
Cada noché y dia stoy cortando mi vida
No es mentira preguntalé a mi nina
Como El Jugador es mi negra bonita
Ora pongaté mas cerquita
Y ponlé atencion lo que dicé Lupita.

Ven a mi lado soy to ser apacionado
Todos tus Problemas a mi lado an terminado
Vive la vida tranquila y sin fatigas
Deja la maldad qué no ay otra salida
Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto
Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto
Quiero abrazarté y apapacharté
Siente mis labios son salientos con besarté
Buscandonos, amandonos, besandonos
Juntos al amanecer, al amanecer.

[Verse 2:]
My family neglected me
My pops was never there for me
Seems that no one cares for me
I gotta make choices carefully
'Cause cops keep on arrestin' me & haters just keep on testin' me
Tryin' to do my best but I know that death's gonna be my destiny
Mom's steady broke ain't got no job
Never thought life would be this hard
Just gotta cope with the way it's goin' & this pain I'm leanin' toward
Don't wanna see my brother gettin' hurt or turnin' out like me
A hustler on these H-Town streets & the cheese up on my balcony
I can't see the reason why I'm used to actin' bad
Got me stressed & feelin' mad.

Look at the things I ain't never had
Cops had me dragged out my pad I can't take it anymore
Crooked laws killed my cousin Lalo at the age of 24
No remorse & revenge gotta keep things the way it's been
Mom always taught me never to lose
I gotta stay true until the end
& everyday I'm watchin' my back
Keepin' my hand up on my strap
& for the fact that I'm quick to act
You ain't gonna get no second chance & it's just like that.

Ven a mi lado cuando stes desesperado
Todos tus Problemas a mi lado se acabaron
Ya no te danies mas las heridas
Busca otra salida no mensiones la partida
Soy como el agua perdida en el desierto
Me tomas o me dejas o te quedas bien muerto
Quiero abrazarté y apapacharté
Sienté mis labios tan salientos por besarté.

[Verse 3:]
As a innocent child all you see is the silence
But once you grow into the world your introduced to the violence
No more innocence no more Christmas gifts
Here's a little example so I suggest you peep this
Man I thought I had a family other than my own
But now I'm facin' reality as I'm sittin' alone
I guess you have nobody when you are nobody
So I have to show these people how I gets it rowdy
No more sippin' Bacardi & no more hittin' the party
I'm puttin' this shit down the right way without my mind lookin' cloudy
They say it's better to give than it is to receive
That's why I give nothin' but love & in return I just live
So nothin' but hate I can see it
Swallowed up but just breathe
'Cause platinum I'm gon' achieve
While you blowin' on trees.

Uh Murdaholics
24/7 Hustlers puttin' it down, baby
You already know scrilla.
You know what I'm sayin'? We got problems we finna solve 'em cuzz
Yeah you already know man
If it means jackin' if it means robbin'
Go out & get your shit nigga
That's on the real.

Besandonos, amandonos, besandonos
Junto's al amanecer. Hey.