South Park Mexican - Carolyn Clownin' lyrics

Spooniqua: Oh Girl I like this club, that DJ here is jammin'. Did you see that Dope House soldier lookin' at you?

Yaya: Oh yeah, yeah, see that man, he looks like a fine man!

Madge: I really like this club too, I'm glad you brought me here...
I'm goin' to tell all my girls back home in London about the Roxy, it's simply smashin'.

Spooniqua: Mhm, but I know y'all see Carolyn over there in that corner thinkin' she the shit, she think she all that.

Yaya: Yeah, yeah, I see her over there, think she all good.

Madge: I remember when I tried to do a simple interview with her for my magazine & she was acting quite stuck up.

Yaya: Oh yeah, speak of magazine, she come to my store, read magazine, not buy! She look crazy, she put her hands all over magazine & she no buy.

Spmoniqua: Girl you crazy.

Yaya: She no buy nothin' ever! She just come in & look & walk right back out.

Madge: I don't know why she act's that way.

Spooniqua: I feel you, I don't know what the hell wrong with her, but that bitch can't sing.

Yaya: Yeah, yeah, that;s true, that bitch can't sing, that's fo' sho'.

Spooniqua: Girl you crazy.

Madge: Oh new; oh come on!