South 59 - Left Alone lyrics

You said you know i got to go, this whole scene makes my evil flow,
You know the truth ill never fit in, this place is a walking talking sin,
And if u it makes u happier, i feel about ten times crappier,
About the things i did, im such a counterfeit,

And we just wont get along, im in a place where i just dont belong
Get out fast, 100 yard dash back to my house, quiet as a mouse

Why have you left me all alone, i just wanted someone to call my own
Where are my friends when i need them most, im buried in the sand on the galveston coast

Why cant i get outta this stupid place, the only thing im doing is losing face, theyre all so bouncing around the room, and im smelling the dungeon of doom,(corny i know)
These are a bunch of human clones, with their ears attached to cell phones,
Shes actually sitting in his lap and my minds about to snap

Please just let me go home