Soundscape Soul - In My World lyrics

Looking back on all the hard times all throughout my life
Times were always tough; there was no relief in sight
Then you came along and offered me these words of hope
From that day on Ill never forget what you did for me

You told me I would never be alone in this world
I would always have someone to call in this world
I dont where I would be without your kind kind words
They will always be with me, in my world

Days have gone and nights have passed and my life is moving along
Your inspiration still lives on in this song, for you
Your legacy, your artistry to me, itll live on
The way I see the world has changed because of you

I know Ill never be along in this world
I now have someone that I can call in this world
I have come so far, you see, because of your kind words
They will be with me forever in my world