Sounds Like Violence - Longing For A Warm Embrace lyrics

I've seen you in my dreams,
Been talking to you in my sleep,
But i am not afraid,
'cause i've got shelter,
I have learned from you,

You set a trap for me,
The biggest trap in history,
You put me in a place
Where i don't wanna be,
I just wanna be in your arms,
I love your skin, but,

Hey, i've never killed so much time,
I've never felt more alone,
I'm many light years from home,
I miss my home,
I'm floating in space,
Longing for a warm embrace from you,

Here i go again,
Spoiling another friend,
I can't keep my promises,
Don't know wrong from right,
At least i lie with dignity,
Here i go again,
Not doing much than pretend,
I wanna stay the same,
Don't wanna change
Like seasons changing colours,
Now i'm blue,
Afraid of ending up like you,
I'm floating in space,
Longing for a warm embrace, from you!